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Lean at Home

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When you're stuck at home, it can be tempting to spend your time thinking about the fitness equipment you wish you had. But your body can be the tool you've been waiting for!

Body weight, or freehand, training is the oldest method in the world. Gladiators and Vikings didn’t have gymnasiums. Arnold Schwarzenegger started his own fitness journey with chin-ups on a tree branch by a lake in Austria. 

This innovative exercise plan includes 6 workouts that combine resistance training and cardio with no equipment needed. No matter where you are, you can do this!

No gimmicky workouts here! For two weeks, you'll perform workouts using bodyweight supersets and intervals built around variations of squats and other classic movements. This allows you to get the benefits of full-body training, like increased calorie burn and greater cardio fitness, while also adding lean muscle where you could use some!

This program uses proven techniques like supersets for muscular overload, plus intervals to leave you gasping. You'll move quickly and in all planes of motion, while performing beginner-friendly workouts that are scalable for more experienced lifters, as well.