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8 Week Booty Building Guide

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Let's be honest, while scrolling on insta we've all come across a beautiful woman flexing her derriere racking up countless likes. The booty is an investment for a lot of people. Think thats funny? Why do you think a lot of people spend literally thousands of dollars in liposuction and plastic surgery? Because of monetization. 

That's right, everything in today's digital world is seemingly monetizable and one such front is your body. Fitness models can make anywhere between a couple hundred dollars to thousands per social media post. Here's some better news: you don't need thousands of dollars to become the new instagram fitness model. Just a solid workout plan with expert guidance and some focus and determination for 8 weeks!

Based on expert research, The 8 Week Booty Building program offers a science and evidence based workout plan with instructions for every workout throughout the 8 weeks and a diet plan and supplementation guide to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Additionally, we break every fitness myth you've heard and offer our expert guidance on checking for purity and accuracy before purchasing supplements on the internet!