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Jacked at Home

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The Covid pandemic is seemingly endless with gyms still closed for the foreseeable future. This workout will show you you don't need a gym to build a great body! Get to know the classics in a whole new way.

This no-weight workout program designed by experience and research will build muscle and strength using timeless exercises, but in tough protocols that will test you—and help you hold onto gains while at home. Especially if you've been in the gym for years, some time with these intense no-equipment workouts could absolutely give your muscles a new stimulus to grow. 

Lunges. Push-ups. Squats. Pull-ups. Think you're too advanced for them? Think again. Many of us have been guilty of skipping these movements at worst, or giving them half-effort at best. By the end of these four weeks, you'll be well-acquainted with them—and how doing them for high reps can give your body a serious muscular and conditioning push.

This program uses high-rep sets, chip-away sets, and sets to failure to help you get the biggest muscle-building stimulus out of bodyweight exercises. And once you're done, you can use the Training Guidelines to help you find new movements to keep moving forward.